Bianca struggles with an increasingly difficult Whitney after Whitney chucks Bianca’s clothes out of the house. Bianca asks Dr Merritt to talk to her, but just as Whitney is about to open up Tony sends Tiffany up to Whitney’s bedroom to interrupt. Tony warns Whitney not to play games with him, while Dr Merritt suggests to Bianca that she send Whitney to a psychiatrist.

Pat unveils a plaque in memory of Frank in the Vic gardens and asks Peggy to do some sandwiches at the Vic for after the ceremony. Archie is not happy about Pat’s request and convinces Peggy not to help out. Pat is upset when Peggy lets her down and she accuses Peggy of letting Archie call the shots, but Peggy is defensive. Meanwhile, Suzy visits Archie in the Vic flat and they get down to some serious flirting. But Danielle is in the kitchen doing the cleaning and overhears.

Christian is disappointed when he doesn’t hear from Lee, but he’s too stubborn to call himself. Jane helps things along by sending a text from Christian’s mobile to Lee, who calls Christian to arrange a date.

Also, Dawn returns to Albert Square for Jase’s funeral; Bradley buys Dot a new cooker.

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