Bianca stuns Terry with a decision about her future

Bianca apologises to Terry for her outburst after realising she got it wrong. Although hurt, Terry insists he loves her and will stand by her. With the gene test results ready, David goes with Bianca, while Carol accompanies Sonia. After finding out the test is negative, a delighted Bianca calls Terry. Expecting to celebrate with her, Terry is pole-axed when she instead calls things off between them, unable to deal with a relationship. Meanwhile, Sonia’s test is positive…

Mick and Nancy are both convinced that Lee is hiding something from them. Confronting Stan, Mick doesn’t get any answers. Lee finds Stan alone, telling him he’s not going back to the army. When Lucy catches his eye, Lee turns on the charm and they end up sleeping together.

Max is chuffed when Lauren surprises him with Oscar, who has come to stay. When Abi arranges a bowling night with the family Jay is fed up as she’s cancelled their date night. After some wise words from Peter, Jay realises he’s being unreasonable. Lola is affected by Jay’s opinions on her future.