Bianca is stressed when Carol reminds her they owe Janine two months’ rent. Janine takes pity on Bianca and offers to start with a clean slate – but she wants the first week’s rent up front. Bianca realises she doesn’t even have enough money for a week’s rent and tries to con money out of Ray, pretending it’s for Morgan. Ray sees through her and won’t pay for all the kids.

Ray tells Bianca he’s not a bad man, he just wants to be there for Morgan. Bianca misreads the signals and moves in for a kiss. She kicks herself for her mistake when Ray backs away. Ray softens and tells Bianca that the kids come first. They reconcile with a hug and a suspicious Tiffany sees.

Roxy returns from the custody hearing and announces the good news – Amy is coming home! Shirley marches over to collect Amy from babysitting Bianca, but she refuses to let her. Jack says a tearful farewell to his daughter as Derek arrives, suggesting Jack do a runner with Amy. Jack won’t leave, he just needs time to say goodbye. He confesses he dropped the case because of Roxy’s blackmail. Derek is determined not to let Roxy get away with this…