Bianca tries to connect with Montgomery

Bianca arrives at the high school to find it trashed and Montgomery is quick to point the finger at Matt Page. Later, Leah tells Bianca that she suspects Montgomery and Matt may be working together. Bianca tries to reach Montgomery, but she’s as hostile as ever.

Sid arrives home for Dex and April’s wedding and questions whether they’ve really thought through their plans to move to Paris. It dawns on Sasha that Sid may not let her stay in the Bay without an adult present. Later, Dex and April decide to go for a simple parisienne wedding. After talking to April about what moving to Paris really means for her and Dex, Sasha realises she can’t stand in their way. Sasha is going to Broken Hill with Sid.

Indi tells Casey that she’s thinking about selling the gym. This leaves Casey wondering what will happen to his job. After talking to Tamara, Casey tells Indi that rather than sell the gym, she should keep it and leave Casey in charge.

Tamara and Casey are still pretending to be together and when April struggles with her vows, she asks Tamara what she would say to Casey. Tamara wonders if she and Casey were right about breaking up but Casey reminds Tamara of their reasons for saying goodbye.