Bianca and Montgomery clash over plans, and Bianca suggests they try and get to know each other over dinner. After a pleasant dinner, Bianca is almost looking forward to the new school day until Heath arrives. When Montgomery treats him badly, Bianca asks her if this is how she treats the students. Montgomery is amused – her students are going to eat Bianca alive. It’s game on.

Maddy storms in to confront Roo about Josh breaking up with her and accuses Roo of meddling because she misses Harvey. Later, Marilyn prepares to go on her first date with John, and Roo clocks there’s something going on. Suddenly, Roo receives a phone call – Harvey is missing at sea.

John, Marilyn and Maddy all band together to help Roo, with John contacting his Navy mates. With all the worry about Harvey, John and Marilyn decide to keep their relationship secret. When Maddy goes to visit Josh, she and Nate discover he is missing.

Heath comes to Dex for tutoring. After his run-in with Montgomery he has renewed enthusiasm for making something of himself. Heath struggles to keep up with his study, and begins to self-doubt. Dex challenges Heath and they’re both happy when Heath shows he knows more than he thought.