At the hospital, the obstetrician confirms to a devastated Ricky that she’s lost her baby. Elsewhere, Bianca wakes up and Heath tells her what happened with Montgomery, only for Bianca to ask again what happened. It’s evident to Heath and Irene that she’s not OK.

Phoebe asks Kyle if she can crash at his place, leaving Tamara jealous. Later, Phoebe comes onto Kyle, only to have him reject her again and Phoebe thinks Tamara is the reason. Phoebe tells Tamara that she should leave Kyle alone because the Kyle she used to know had passion and ambition. Taking Phoebe’s words on board, Tamara goes to Kyle to ask him if being around her is too hard. They both tell each other that they’re fine being friends.

Leah discovers that Chris has reorganised her entire business and kicks him out. Chris then tells Roo that she needs to come back to work instead of worrying about Harvey. Roo realises she needs to get Harvey to come home. Chris apologises to Leah but he’s still acting like he’s in charge.

When Phoebe comes in looking for a place to stay, Leah is quick to point out that Chris won’t have time as he’s too busy running the Diner, to which he quickly responds that Leah’s the boss, not him.