Bianca worries about Heath’s babycare abilities

Heath seems to be the perfect dad when he offers to take over the baby duties while Bianca relaxes but she’s a little nervous about him taking on the full responsibility for Rocco even for a few hours. Later, Bianca suggests she might go back to teaching a few days a week but when Heath offers to look after Rocco she’s clearly worried. She voices her thoughts to Heath who immediately takes offence.

Dex desperately wants to go home but Sid tries to explain that he’s not well enough yet. He attends an assessment meeting by a panel of doctors and the recommendation is that he attends a rehab clinic in the city, which terrifies Dex. He worries that his father is giving up on him and Sid eventually backs down, agreeing to him coming home. April is ecstatic at the news but Sid warns her that it’s not going to be easy for any of them.

Casey is upset over hitting Brax and talks to Natalie but what he says confuses her and he won’t explain. He’s starting to believe that he’s turning into his father and, unbeknown to his brothers, gets a tattoo emblazoned across his shoulders – ‘All or Nothing’.