Masood pops over to Carol’s house in the morning and is disconcerted to find her and David in their nightwear chatting about recent events. At the cafe, when Carol realises that Masood is uneasy about David she reassures him that he’s got nothing to worry about, but Masood isn’t convinced. Later, Carol and David are happy when Bianca returns. The family are stunned when a bloke called Terry arrives – he’s Bianca’s new man and he’s moving in!

Alfie’s in a foul mood after a sleepless night. Some tender concern from Roxy doesn’t go down well and he snaps at her, leaving her hurt. Realising he’s out of order, Alfie apologises, but the damage has already been done. The atmosphere between them doesn’t improve as they bicker over the Vic fireworks party, which has been cancelled because of Michael’s death.

Roxy can’t hold her tongue when a concerned Kat asks how she’s doing. Kat realises that Alfie hasn’t noticed how vulnerable Roxy is. Taking Alfie aside, Kat points out he needs to stop taking his anger and grief out on Roxy. Alfie apologises to Roxy, putting forward Kat’s suggestion that they hold a fireworks party in memory of Michael after all.

Also, Janine and Alice are still being questioned by the police.