Bianca’s back!

Bianca is back in Walford with Carol and the kids and she needs a job. Now she’s got a hairdressing qualification from her time in prison, she asks Tanya if there’s anything going at the salon. When Tanya says there’s nothing going, her disappointment is clear. Later, feeling sorry for Bianca, Tanya agrees to give her a trial. Bianca is putting on a brave face, but she later breaks down, overwhelmed by everything.

Lauren confesses to Tanya that she and Joey were running away so that they could be together. Lauren refuses to believe that Joey doesn’t want her. Derek tells Tanya to convince Joey to stay in Walford or he’ll tell all about Lauren. Tanya finds Joey in the cafe and reveals that Lauren told her everything. Mindful of Derek’s ultimatum, she tries to convince Joey not to leave the Square.

Kat gets an expensive watch in the post from her lover with a note saying it’s time they met up again. Kat bins the watch just as Mo enters, followed by Alfie. When Alfie reveals he wants the Branning brothers to contribute to the Square’s Christmas decorations, Kat bristles at the mention of their name.