Bianca confesses that she does have feelings for Liam – but he scarpered at the first sign of trouble so he can’t be that bothered. But Vittorio thinks this shows how much Liam cares. Feeling closer to Vittorio than she has in days, Bianca kisses him and goes back to his hotel room.

Penn warns Miles that he has to fight his urge to hurt the people closest to Alf in order to show Alf how much pain he’s caused. Miles tells Romeo and Indi to say away from Penn and call for help if he approaches them. Leah and Irene think Miles should call the police, but Miles thinks that’s up to Alf. Alf reckons it would do more harm than good.

Indi is feeling insecure – Romeo’s blowing hot and cold. Romeo assures her he wants to be close to her. They kiss and head to his bedroom, but moments later, Indi flees the house in tears. Romeo is confused.

He asks Miles if he has any idea what might have happened, but Miles tells Romeo he’ll need to talk to Indi. Romeo tries calling, but Indi ignores her phone. Romeo is bewildered. How did their perfect night turn into this?

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