Heath learns of his brother’s situation and rushes to his side, promising to get revenge on whoever did this to him. Before long he’s found out it was Sully, who’d seemingly wanted Brax out of the big fight. Heath lures Sully into a trap but the villain makes a break for it and takes Bianca hostage at a cliff edge, threatening to push her over. Heath promises to let him leave town if he releases Bianca and Sully makes a run for it. Bianca is genuinely thankful but Liam just wants Heath out of their lives.

Roo makes Leah admit that her bedside vigil for Brax reveals her romantic feelings for him. Brax, however, is haunted by memories of Charlie and has to get away from the hospital, so ends up on Leah’s doorstep.

Also, April feels that keeping the truth about the baby from Heath is wrong and tries to convince Bianca to tell him. And Harvey attempts to persuade Roo that they should give their tempestuous relationship another go, but Roo says she needs more time.