As rent day arrives Bianca becomes increasingly desperate in this special episode. Janine arrives at the Butchers’ with the bridesmaid dresses. As well as demanding the rent by the end of the day, when Janine sees the ceiling has been ruined by the flooded bathroom, she insists Bianca pay for the damage. As Bianca stalls, Janine spots Pat’s ring on Bianca’s finger and tells Bianca she’ll take the ring as down payment.

A debt collector turns up, but Bianca slams the door in his face. Bianca starts out for work and coolly tells Carol, who is packing, to leave her keys on her way out. At the cafe, Bianca asks Ian for an advance on her wages, but Ian refuses. When Bianca tries again later at the chippie a stressed Ian fires her, and she tearfully leaves, all hope now gone.

In a moment of madness, Bianca steals an unattended money belt from a market stall. Pushing through the crowd she runs straight into Mr Lister, spilling the contents. Bianca does a runner home and confesses to Carol. She admits she’s terrified she’ll be sent back to prison for breaking her probation. There’s a knock on the door and Bianca says a tearful farewell to Carol and the kids as the police take her away.