A fire breaks out in the share house and Casey and Ricky rescue Heath and Bianca. Bianca is horrified to see the burnt stove and Heath, unable to tell her about her memory loss, tells her it was his fault. Ricky tells Heath that with her growing feelings for Nate, she’s realised that she wants to visit Brax. Meanwhile, Bianca starts to have flashbacks of the explosion. Elsewhere, Casey relents and tells Ricky that Brax has been transferred and they don’t know where he is.

Alf reminds Andy and Josh that they haven’t paid their rent. When Leah shouts Josh some lunch, Josh tells her he’s not going back to school. When Andy hears this he’s under even more pressure to get money. He swallows his pride and asks for an advance and Casey agrees.

Jett has told Marilyn he knows about her stealing money from Mr Stewart to buy a bracelet many years ago and blackmails Marilyn to help him with his chores. John arrives and questions why the boys aren’t working.

Jett starts lying but Alf overhears and tells John that Marilyn did the chores. Marilyn relents and tells Alf and John everything. Jett has more punishment coming his way as Marilyn buries the bracelet.