Bianca’s mum turns up!

April is determined to get Liam and Bianca together with her latest plan, involving Liam coming over under the pretence of teaching her guitar. Both Liam and Bianca know what April is up to but it looks like it’s working until their mother, Joanna, turns up to dissolve the chemistry.

Joanna is a force to be reckoned with and doesn’t think much of this small town. However, from his brief meeting, Liam suspects Joanna likes him and hopes this means good things for him and Bianca. Liam is then shocked when Joanna tells him to stay away from her daughter.

Marilyn is certain her end date is nigh, and is trying to say goodbye. Unfortunately, the people of Summer Bay are too busy to give her the time of day. She moans to Sid, afraid she won’t be able to make a gesture that everyone will remember her by.

Indi and Romeo finish their exams, annoyed they can’t have a year 12 Formal unless they come up with the money for the bond. Marilyn seizes the opportunity and offers to cover them for the bond. Indi and Romeo are grateful but Sid is worried Marilyn may live to regret giving away all her worldly goods.

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