Roo is gearing up for the Bachelors and Spinsters ball and preparations are frantic. Roo is further frazzled when Indi boycotts the ball. Marilyn, wanting to be part of the good cause the B&S is supporting, decides to lend a hand.

However, when she arrives at the farm, Marilyn is upset to find Roo in her old house. Bianca has been moping all day since she discovered Liam’s AWOL from rehab. She decides to drown her sorrows at the B&S Ball – a decision she later regrets when she’s attacked.

Dex happens upon a money-making opportunity when country boy Dean and his sister Kelly pay him for a camping spot on the farm overnight. Meanwhile, Xavier arrives at the Ball, brought along by John and Gina, and is miserable at the sight of a happy Dex and April.

However, Kelly coaxes him into conversation and it seems there’s a new spark in Xavier. With all the B&S attendees flooding into Summer Bay, The Diner does a roaring trade for the day. Unwelcome customers Heath and the River Boys loiter around The Diner at night, but Heath, having seen a flyer for the B&S Ball, decides to crash the party.