Bianca’s rushed into surgery

Sid explains to Bianca that her baby is in danger and an early Caesarean is required. She discusses the matter with Heath and makes him promise that if there are any complications he needs to tell Sid to save the baby first. Then Bianca goes into seizure and it’s clear the operation needs to happen immediately. As she’s whisked away to surgery, Heath yells to Sid to save the baby at all costs, leaving April stunned at his callousness. Later, as April takes Heath to task, Sid emerges with good news – Bianca is fine and her baby son is doing well.

Brax finds Hayley’s information about his father’s case and realises his brother is trying to get their father out of jail. He’s furious and concerned that Danny will worm his way back into their family life. Leah suggests he visit his father to see if he’s changed during his 12 years in prison and Brax agrees, though he soon realises his father is the same as he always was. However, Danny now realises Heath is trying to get him out…