Bianca’s rushed to hospital

When Bianca leaves distressed messages on his phone, Liam discovers she’s having serious complications with her pregnancy. Then Heath finds out and gets agitated that he’s being left out, but Bianca tells him to back off, again. Later, Bianca is rushed to hospital again and April convinces Liam to stay and support her, but when Heath turns up at the hospital he ends up in a scuffle with Liam outside Bianca’s hospital room.

Lottie’s had a fight with her mum and asks Dex if she can stay the night at the farm, though Sid warns him not to get involved in the trouble between mother and daughter. Meanwhile, Dex tells April that he’s dating Lottie and when April learns that Lottie stayed the night, she can’t hide her jealousy. When Lottie asks to stay another night, Dex refuses, saying she needs to sort things out with her mum. Lottie, however, accuses Dex of being motivated by his feelings for April.

Meanwhile, Harvey realises he’ll have to sell his house to pay his fine and rues telling Mel and Lottie. Wallowing in his depression, Harvey avoids contact with Roo and his daughter.