Big Mac special!

Following his arrest, Big Mac sits in a cell contemplating how he got there…

It started when Jessica moved to the Farmead Estate, where Mac lives, following the breakdown of her marriage. They quickly become friendly and Jessica opens up about her marriage problems while Mac reveals he was in the Falklands conflict.

One night, while Jessica is visiting Mac’s flat, the gang target them and break in. They hold Jessica hostage with a gun and although she begs Mac to help her he flees. Jessica escapes unharmed when the gang run off but is unimpressed with Mac – until he explains he suffers from Post Traumatic Stress disorder.

It transpires when Mac was in the Falklands War many of his mates where killed but he walked away unhurt. He’s been harbouring guilt ever since and the hostage situation triggered a flashback causing him to react by running away.

Later, Mac has another run-in with the gang but, ashamed of his earlier behaviour, this time he stays to protect himself. While defending himself he hurts a boy’s wrist and ends up getting arrested.

After a night in the cells, Mac’s released without charge and he’s a changed man. At home he dresses in his army gear and, taking a one-man stand, patrols the streets of Farmead in a bid to keep the estate safe.

Yep, Mac’s now a vigilante…