Big mistake, Liam!

Miles comes back from his teaching conference to find several displeased mothers complaining about the history assignment Liam has set – to plan a terrorist attack on Summer Bay. However, Liam has got the students excited and debating moral and ethical matters, and starts to savour being a teacher making an impact. Despite this, Gina orders Liam to withdraw the assignment. Liam does so, grudgingly, and can’t help express his opinion to the disappointed students. His words incite a protest and Gina, feeling the pressure from parents and the education board, decides to fire Liam.

Miles is certain the only reason Leah hasn’t acted on his proposal for a real relationship is to avoid hurting Elijah’s feelings so he bluntly informs Elijah that he and Leah have kissed. Elijah confronts Leah and then Miles, nearly leading to an argument both times. Feeling betrayed, Elijah packs his bags and leaves the house.

Indi suspects that Romeo shares her feelings about rekindling their relationship when he asks for her business expertise. He invites her onto the boat and Indi is certain this is her moment to strike. But it seems he only invited her to show off the bikini-clad models on board for a calendar photo shoot.

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