Bigmouth Rachel knows Marlon’s secret! (VIDEO)

And the prize for working out the identity of Marlon’s secret love goes to…Rachel! Yeah, a few pointed questions and Marlon is completely tongue-tied and unable to deny that he’s in love with the vicar’s wife. Now the big question is: how discreet can Rachel be? Remember, she has a soft spot for Marlon herself. But there’s an even bigger question, and one that Marlon was supposed to ask Laurel and hasn’t: will she be Leo’s Godmother? Rhona wants an answer and Ashley says it’s ‘yes’. But Laurel later tells Marlon the answer’s ‘no’ and then has to give Ashley a good reason for her refusal.

Andy has to give Victoria and Alex a dose of his bad temper to get them out of Brook Cottage – and it works. The squatters pack up and move into The Woolpack. But Andy still loses his job and Declan pays him off.

Charity could lose Jai through her inability to stay away from Cain. Jai knows they’ve been talking and he buys Charity flowers, telling her he trusts her, but not Cain. Now Charity feels really guilty!