Bike crash horror!

One of Waterloo Road’s students ends up in hospital this week… Bad boy Scott is racking up enemies at a rate of knots. This week he damages the expensive professional bike of talented cyclist, Dale, then he spends the day antagonising Kevin!

The situation quickly escalates and an explosive argument between studious Kevin and troublemaker Scott results in Scott challenging Kevin to an after-school fight!

Instead of a punch up Scott steals Dale’s bike and goads fragile Kevin – who’s still recovering from his stroke – into a reckless race. It ends with Kevin injured and in hospital…

The situation puts his school career into perspective and headmaster Vaughan finally agrees to let the talented Kevin transfer to rival school  Havelock High.

Elsewhere, the teachers are worried about their jobs in light of the threatened merger. Lorna suggests starting a PTA but immediately clashes with Christine over who should run it.

Audrey has received a mysterious cash windfall, Kenzie wants Lorna to take over her literacy classes and Vaughan surprises Olga by making her an offer.