Bill has a heart attack!

As Kevin makes a last ditch bid to change Sally’s mind she insists it’s time for him to go, although it’s more difficult than she’ll admit. Kevin’s down and when Bill and Pam arrive handing out wedding invites Bill has to act as referee as Pam and Kevin lock horns. The argument escalates as Kevin blames Pam for Sally kicking him out and she accuses him of using Molly. The strain is taking its toll on Bill and he suddenly clutches his chest.

Peter and Leanne have been at the hospital all night as they await news on Carla’s condition. Leanne’s frosty as she can’t help observing it was Peter she called in her dying moments. She tells Peter whatever happens she wants him to stay away from Carla from now on. He can’t help, but be drawn back to her.

Steve‘s downbeat when Liz phones to say she won’t be coming back for Jim’s trial. Opening up to Tracy, Steve reveals he’s worried about how his dad is going to take it and Tracy lends her support.

Also, Russ gets into trouble at school as he and Cheryl struggle to deal with Chris’s condition.

*Second episode 8.30pm*

As an unconscious Bill is rushed to hospital Sally urges Bill and Pam to put their acrimony to one side. Bill’s had a heart attack, but is stable and the prognosis is good. Back at the Websters’ Kevin thanks Sally for being there for him. As they share a drink he opens up about how he feared losing his dad, admitting he doesn’t know what he’d do without her support and moves in for a kiss.

Steve’s gutted when his dad says he now doesn’t want him in court. Lending a supportive ear Tracy assumes he’s just lashing out and insisting he should still go she offers to look after the pub. It seems Tracy has scored a breakthrough with Steve.

Cheryl worries that she’s been neglecting Russ, who’s clearly struggling to deal with his dad’s illness.

Also, Maria offers Carla her unfailing support as she insists she come and live with her.