Billie claims Nate attacked her!

A scheming Billie flirts with Chris at the gym and tells him to meet her after her shift, just as Nate walks in. Later, as Nate is about to leave work, Billie grabs him, rips her nails down his back and screams for help. Chris hears everything and Billie claims Nate has attacked her…

When Matt meets his date, Sandra, the pair already know each other and after some awkward moments he decides to leave. Maddy’s livid that Matt walked out and when she spots an intimate moment between him and Charlotte, she confronts him and he admits they’ve slept together. Maddy’s left disgusted, but Matt doesn’t care. Instead, he finds Charlotte and makes it clear he wants her.

Jett gives Marilyn and John leaving gifts, but he asks John not to open his gift until he’s gone, while Marilyn is left in tears at his sentimental present. As Jett gets on the bus to leave, he calls Marilyn ‘mum’ leaving her inconsolable. When she arrives home, she finds John in tears opening his gift from Jett.