Billie dumps VJ in Home and Away

Billie can't let VJ quit school for her and the baby - so she makes a big sacrifice...

VJ and Billie decide to talk things through. Unfortunately their chat doesn’t go to plan and VJ storms off. Later, he gets some fatherly advice from Alf, which helps him make a big decision. VJ tells Leah and Billie he has decided to leave school! Both are stunned, but Leah is sick of fighting and tells VJ she’ll support him. Billie feels guilty knowing VJ is making a sacrifice for a baby that isn’t his. She tries to persuade him to change his mind, but when he refuses, she tearfully breaks up with him.

Marilyn and John have a heart felt chat with the Jordan. When Jordan reveals his heartbreaking past and that he used to carrying his knife as protection they are left speechless. Afterwards, Marilyn and John take Jordan home and they trio begin to bond.

Evelyn decides to put Hannah’s money to good use and make a large donation to the Yabbie Creek Youth centre and invest the rest in her future.