Billie gets some shocking news

Ash wakes up with Dylan staring at him. Dylan blames Ash for losing both Kat and his career and then sends Kat a text demanding she comes over. Kat arrives and tries to talk Dylan round, but he refuses to listen. When Billie walks in, Dylan throws her across the floor, where she bangs her head. Kat is livid and brings up Dylan’s son, which causes him to break down. Finally seeing the damage he caused, Dylan is escorted away by the police. Ash and Kat drive Billie to the hospital, where doctors reveal she is pregnant.

Olivia and Hunter are sick with worry when they discover that Irene never went to visit Finlay in the city. Olivia is convinced something is wrong and gets John to report Irene missing to the police. On the way back from the station, John, Olivia and Hunter see Irene’s abandoned car by the roadside.

Skye visits Tank at the hospital, where he confesses that he’s to blame for the explosion. Skye is mortified and runs off – telling Alf and Roo about his confession.