Billie is a woman scorned

Billie doesn’t hide her feelings for Nate when she bumps into him and Kat. Later, Billie sees Kat and the pair begin a friendly conversation, which ends with Billie telling Kat that Nate doesn’t see their relationship as anything serious. Kat gently tells Billie her feelings aren’t reciprocated, but Billie doesn’t take the news well. Nate then gently tells Billie there is nothing between them and make his feelings crystal clear by kissing Kat in front of her.

Denny comforts Ricky and clears up the trashed flat. She discusses Ricky’s grief with Ash, who brings up their break-up and tells Denny he had to end things as he had too much on his mind. When Ash goes to get a coffee, Phoebe follows him and they have a moment, which Denny interrupts. When Denny and Phoebe go out to get a takeaway, Phoebe encourages Denny to give Ash another chance.

Also, Ricky comes up with a unique suggestion for Brax’s memorial and Kyle thanks Phoebe for her. Later, Denny and Ash share a kiss.