Billie’s mate Mitch tells him the crew are all set to go through with robbing the Vic and Billie is pressured into it. Carol is horrified when she sees Billie holding a gun to Phil‘s head. Billy tackles him and they discover that Billie’s ‘gun’ is a water pistol. Jack promises to protect Billie if he forgets about his estate friends. Later, Billie goes to check on the hidden gun and discovers it missing…

Phil is frustrated when social worker Terry visits the Vic and gets caught up in Billie’s hold-up and Terry says he would be unhappy for Louise to live in the pub. Shirley lies that she’s Phil’s fiancee and she tells Terry that Phil will be moving in with her.

Stacey is downbeat on her return to the Slaters’ despite the obvious delight of her family. Mo wants answers from Stacey about her disappearance, but Jean insists on treating Stacey with kid gloves. Jean cooks dinner but gets upset when she ruins it. Stacey is reluctant to help although after some stern words from Mo she helps her mum and they resolve the awkwardness between them.

Also, Lucy tells Leon she’s had a termination; Jack leaves a miffed Chelsea to pick up the cheque at Argee Bhajee.

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