Billie and Phoebe comes to blows when Billie finds out that Phoebe and Ash have been talking about her and the baby. Billie anxiously tells Phoebe that if Ash finds out Mick was her attacker, he’ll fly off the handle and end up in prison himself. Later, VJ is worried about Billie and pays a visit to Ash and tells him to stop dragging up the rape. Will Ash do as he’s told?

Meanwhile, Irene’s excited when she finds out Heath and Bianca are staying in Summer Bay. As Bianca starts looking for a job, Heath decides to meet an ex-prison inmate called Mossy. Will Mossy cause more trouble for Bianca and Heath?

Finally, Kat and Justin are taken to the court in an escorted prison car. Will Justin be able to keep his cool under oath?