Billy aint Mr Happy!

*Double episode*

Honey worries about her pregnancy and she can’t bring herself to tell Billy. She panics when she catches Billy going through her make-up bag looking for scissors as that’s where she’s hidden the test. Honey visits the doctors to have the pregnancy confirmed and Mickey spots her and mentions it to Billy. Billy demands to know what’s wrong with Honey and she nervously admits that she’s pregnant. Billy is shocked and Honey is devastated by his unenthusiastic reaction.

Tanya is keen to get Max to agree to starting again in Spain and she’s annoyed when he’s unconvinced about the idea. Max mentions to an outraged Lauren that Tanya wants the family to move abroad, and Lauren wastes no time in passing on the information to Bradley. Stacey finds out and confronts Max in a panic, but he assures her that he will never agree to the move. Lauren ropes Abi in to back her up and the girls tells Tanya that they don’t want to move to Spain. Tanya is furious that Max has encouraged their daughters to go against her.

May is keen to keep Dawn sweet for just one more week, after which time it will be too late for Dawn to abort Rob’s baby. May talks to Tanya about Dawn and says that they need to keep her calm. Tanya is baffled by May’s concern until an awkward May admits that she and Rob are planning to adopt Dawn’s baby.

Also, Chelsea antagonises Dawn by giving her bright red highlights.

Honey heads to the allotments to think and Charlie spots her there looking unhappy. Charlie tells Pat, who rushes off to check whether Honey is OK. Honey miserably tells Pat that Billy seemed horrified by her pregnancy and Pat suggests that the couple talk things through properly. Billy and Honey have an honest talk and Billy admits that he’s worried he may love the new arrival more than Janet. Honey reassures Billy and the reunited couple share a smile at the thought of being parents again.

Stacey is still angry with Max for putting Tanya first as always and she cheers herself up by getting a full makeover at Booty. Max is suitably impressed when Stacey emerges looking gorgeous but when he tries to arrange a liaison, Stacey tells him that she can’t be at his beck and call. Later, Stacey is knocked over by a gang of kids on bikes and Tanya insists that Stacey come inside so she can dress her cut knee. Stacey notices a picture of a Spanish villa on the fridge door and she’s stunned when Tanya reveals that the family are still thinking of moving to Spain.

Peggy prepares for her birthday do at the Vic the following day and she’s furious when the catering arrives a day early. When Peggy realises that she made the mistake she tries to feed some of it to Ben but he’s not having any of it and Peggy is forced to take Ben to the chip shop. Jane forgets to charge her for a saveloy and when Ian finds out he refuses to pay for his drink in the Vic. But Ian is left looking a fool when Phil picks up a cocktail sausage and puts it in Ian�s pocket as recompense for the saveloy!

Also, May admits to Tanya that Dawn is holding her and Rob to ransom over the baby; Bradley asks Preeti out for a drink.

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