Billy and a reluctant Julie head to the address they have for their son Dan. They’re invited into the house by an acquaintance of Dan’s, Paul, who breaks the news that Dan died three months ago. Billy and Julie are left reeling as Paul tells them that Dan grew up in care and was a thief who never amounted to anything. Paul gives Billy and Julie a bag of Dan’s meagre belongings. Billy looks through the bag and finds out that Dan had a daughter… they’re grandparents!

Syed is unimpressed when Roxy turns up on the doorstep as he and Christian are preparing for the social worker to talk about the adoption. Syed goes out and Roxy talks Christian into having a drink. Syed is furious when he finds them both drunk and rearranges the social worker’s visit. Syed thinks a guilty Christian doesn’t care about the adoption.

Janine turns up at Pat’s after a loan while she waits for her inheritance. Janine is angry when Tiff taunts her about her job in the chip shop. Pat turns her down but Janine gets a loan somewhere else. Janine brings presents for the Butcher kids but leaves out Tiff as punishment. Pat and Ricky throw her out and Janine heads off to stay at an expensive hotel.

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