Billy finds Victoria having a panic attack and he helps her to calm down. It’s clear that she’s still suffering from the after-effects of the lorry crash. Billy has a confrontation with Kelly about the sabotage and she lets slip that Jack had something to do with it, too.

Billy storms off to see Jack, who is unrepentant and says he wouldn’t be sorry to see Billy get hurt. Billy realises enough is enough and he asks to broker a deal with Jack. Billy promises not to tell Victoria the truth about the accident as long as Jack leaves him alone from now on.

Val wakes up with a storming hangover and she feels appalled when she realises her drunken exploits at the hotel are splashed all over the front pages of the Courier. Diane and Paul read the article and are stunned to discover that Val lied about her estrangement from Sharon and, in fact, Val was the one at fault.

Viv continues to struggle as she looks after the twins and she asks Emily if she’ll help her out. Emily is reluctant to agree after all the trouble she got into when she took baby Sarah out of the village but Viv assures her that she’s not worried that Emily will run away with the twins!

Bob returns home with an idea of applying for a sales job at his old company, Naughty Nylons, and discovers that Emily is their new nanny but he’s uncomfortable with the idea.