Billy Mitchell is in big trouble with Pam and Les Coker

Pam pays Billy a visit to confront him about some unorthodox goings on – and it might cost him his job if he can't come up with an explanation.

Billy is getting ready for his visit from Les but he’s in a panic when the fridges in the funeral parlour break down. Desperate to get it sorted before Les arrives, Billy is relieved when Les cancels. Billy’s not out of the woods yet, however, as Pam arrives in Les’ place with a serious matter to talk to him about. When Billy can’t give her an explanation, she fires him – and makes Jay temporary manager!

Mariam and Arshad have Daisy’s new adoptive parents over for lunch after Daisy spends her first night in her new home. When Mariam hears that they are struggling, she is seriously concerned and puts a call in to Daisy’s social worker.

Also, Karen continues to make extra cash doing service washes and ironing. Meanwhile, Mel is happy when she realises she’s getting closer to being reunited with her son Hunter.