Billy boosts Lola’s hopes of getting Lexi back

Billy tries to boost Lola’s spirits insisting they’ll get Lexi back if they stick to the rules, as he cleans the flat for Lexi’s visit. Lola is overjoyed when Trish arrives with Lexi and she spends the afternoon absorbed in her daughter. Visiting time over, Lola is heartbroken as Trish takes Lexi away.

Sharon fobs off Dennis when he questions her about Derek’s claim that his dad was murdered, insisting it was a lie. The stress gets to Sharon and she almost takes one of the pills she’s stashed at the club, but instead throws them against the wall. Jack questions Sharon after finding the scattered pills. She talks about her addiction, but insists it’s long over. Flushing the pills away after encouragement from Jack she keeps a few back, asking Jack to keep hold of them for her – just in case.

Max worries about Derek shooting his mouth off when he threatens to reveal Max’s ‘problem’. When Alice overhears Max leaving a message for Tanya to be careful of Derek she demands answers. Discovering Derek blames Tanya’s makeover for her mugging, she points out to Derek she was mugged for the flash new phone he bought her. Alice forces Derek to apologise.