Billy breaks down

Lauren is stunned after witnessing Max and Stacey’s kiss on the wedding tape and she stumbles over to Peter’s. Stacey calls out to Lauren, who is too devastated to reply. Lauren sobs on Peter but she can’t bring herself to reveal what has happened. At home, Lauren runs from the room when Max and the family arrive. She copies the wedding footage onto a DVD and puts it into an envelope…

Peggy offers to let Honey and Billy stay at the Vic but Billy won’t grovel. But when they miss a call from the council about emergency accommodation Honey is infuriated with Billy’s hangdog attitude and she slaps him. Peggy sends Phil out to talk Billy into coming to the Vic and Billy breaks down on Phil.

Ian tells a stunned Pat that Steven has left Walford and Pat demands that Ian go after him. Ian concedes that he cares more for Steven than he’s letting on and he tracks him down. Steven is delighted when Ian admits that he wants to be a father to him. Steven pressures Ian into inviting him for Christmas. But how will Jane feel?

Also, Abi takes an exhausted Dot’s place for the nativity narration; Jack tells Phil that he knows where Louise is!

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