Billy chooses Lola over Julie

Jay thinks Lola should admit she caused the accident. Lola instead returns to the care home. When Billy and Julie go to find her she tells them she hates them and the Mitchells. Lola’s left alone with Julie and spitefully says that now she’s around, Julie is second best for Billy. Julie tries to tell Billy that Lola is too much of a handful. Billy says if she makes him choose, he’ll choose Lola, so Julie leaves the Square!

Tanya finds it difficult not to be irritated by Greg, especially when he makes a big deal about wanting a baby girl. Tanya meets up with Max and reveals she’s down about lying all the time to be with him. Max wonders if she wants to confess their affair and is surprised when she seems to consider it. Tanya returns home to Greg and tells him she doesn’t want another baby.

Cheryl has stayed over at Ian’s. He rushes her out of the house when he hears Bobby waking up. Ian meets up with Cheryl in the Vic. Mo realises that Ian is lying he’s a widower and starts to tell Cheryl about Ian’s exes when he leave the pub. Alfie calls Ian to warn him. Mo agrees to keep quiet – for a price!