Billy Connolly’s Great American Trail – ITV

The Big Yin gives 
a shout out to America’s great Scots in his new series Billy Connolly's Great American Trail on ITV

This three-part travelogue sees Billy Connolly following in the footsteps of 
the Scots who helped build America. Billy, who made the US his home in 2011, starts his journey in New York, where he opens the annual Tartan Day Parade, the excitement of which ‘made him dance a wee jig’.

Billy explores the former immigration office at Ellis Island

It’s then on to Plymouth, Massachusetts, where the Pilgrims first landed in America, and the Scottish-Irish mecca of Boston, home to possibly the naughtiest nuns in the world.

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Next is Gloucester, where Clarence Birdseye pioneered frozen food, and finally he’s back in New York and Ellis Island, the first stop for many Scottish immigrants, although some never made it past its hospital walls.


In Boston with the ‘Sister of Perpetual Indulgence’

TV Times rating: ****