Billy is pleased when Julie turns up and helps him on the stall. Billy buys some gold earrings from Alfie for Julie as a thank you. Billy and Julie go for a meal and they reminisce. Back at home, Billy phones an adoption agency and tells them that he’s looking for his son.

Carol feels bad about hitting Liam and having a go at Dot and Jim and organises a family meal as an apology. Bianca talks everyone into coming, but the atmosphere is awkward around the table. Ricky and Bianca are horrified when they discover that Carol hit Liam and left him with a cut. Carol lashes out and blames everyone for Billie’s death then bans them from the funeral.

Stacey drops Lily off to spend some time with Ryan. Janine is left holding the baby when Ryan has to see Phil. Janine takes Lily to Pat’s and is smug when Stacey sees that Ryan has left her with Lily. Ryan reveals that Phil is going to give him more responsibility and more money. Janine is frustrated when Stacey agrees to let Ryan have Lily again soon.

Also, a guilty Roxy gives Alfie the money to pay his rent.

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