Archie tells Janine he wants them to keep their engagement secret until they can blackmail Ian to sell the Mitchells’ loan to Archie. Janine doesn’t believe that Archie really wants to marry her and tells him that it’s over. Archie tells Janine he’s changed his will to make her a beneficiary and they kiss. Billy is in the house and overhears them discussing their plans to oust Phil and Peggy from the Vic.

Peggy returns and is horrified to learn Phil has taken a loan out with Ian and put the Vic up as security. Phil bursts into Max’s house and tells him he wants his money in half an hour. Max promises to meet Phil in the Vic with the cash. Max arrives in the Vic to be confronted by a furious Shirley who has a go at him for conning Heather out of her money.

Ian is grateful when Lucy passes on Jane’s current address and he turns up on her doorstep. Ian begs her to come home and says that he will go ahead with an adoption, but Jane is sceptical about his commitment. A despondent Ian returns home to discover that Bobby has gone missing.

Also, Billy learns that he won’t see his kids for Christmas; Masood hides his money worries from Zainab.

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