Billy is forced to reveal to Eva that he’s addicted to painkillers

Billy is touched when a sympathetic Eva promises to help him get better

Eileen and Eva are shocked to find a comatose Billy in the flat and having found a bottle of dodgy looking painkillers Eva immediately suspects Adam. Billy breaks down and tells Eva that the painkillers are the only thing keeping him going and she promises to help him get better. Meanwhile, will any one notice Summer getting into a stanger’s car?

Bethany gives Sarah a makeover and tells her she has arranged for her to go on a date with Aidan. Sarah agrees on one condition… Bethany has to make up with Craig. Will Bethany agree?

As the runners cross the finish line in the Race for your Wife charity run Robert drops to one knee and proposes to Michelle. Will she say yes?

Tyrone and Sean are mistaken for a couple on their night out. Alex tells Liz that he’s on a placement at the practice and has had very little contact with Michelle for years.

Second episode of the evening.