Billy is desperate to prove himself to Honey and he asks Mel to put him up for the bar manager’s job. Although reluctant, Mel agrees to let him do a trial. After getting to work and employing Kat to do the cleaning, Billy is in for a shock. Linda has recommended Woody to Mel, who hires him on the spot. A despondent Billy shares the bad news with Honey. When he worries that not getting the job will ruin any chance of getting her back, Honey reassures him that she doesn’t care about the job. But Honey also tells Billy that although she loves him, they can never be together again. Can he change her mind?

Vincent decides to sell his car to raise some money and he lines up a buyer. But when another car crashes into his car and drives off, Vincent’s plan is scuppered, as he doesn’t have insurance. Desperate, Vincent asks Phil for help but is left furious by Phil’s response. Vincent decides there’s only one option left…

Ted is heartbroken when it’s time for Jay to take Joyce’s body to the crematorium. After the service, Ted returns to the Square in a terrible way. Karen teams up with the other residents to throw a wake for Joyce at the Vic. Ted is taken aback when he walks in, but ultimately touched by the gesture, and he raises a glass for Joyce.