Billy meets Henry in the Vic and is furious when Henry stalls over telling him about his son. Billy goes to attack a frightened Henry, who reveals that the family who adopted his son are called Pearce. Phil sees the altercation and wants to know what’s going on. Phil blurts out in front of Julie the name of her son and she’s stunned.

Janine begs money from Ricky. Pat finds her in the cafe and snatches the money from her hand. Pat tells Janine to leave Walford. In the chippy, Janine asks Ian for an advance, but he refuses. Janine grabs a bucket of cold, dirty oil to throw over Ian, but it ends up over her instead. Ian fires a miserable Janine. Later, she’s approached by a man she assumes is a debt collector and is stunned when he tells her she’s the sole beneficiary of Lydia’s large estate!

Mercy is in the Vic celebrating with Whitney, Lauren and Jodie that she’s now allowed to stay in the UK legally. Lauren tells Fatboy that he and Mercy can stop pretending they’re in love with each other now that Mercy has her visa. Fatboy clearly hasn’t thought about this and is worried that he’ll lose Mercy.