Billy hunts for missing Jay

Dawn is horrified to find a petrol-soaked rag stuffed in her flat letterbox. Billy is acting suspiciously and she soon cottons on that Jay put the rag in the door. Dawn calls the police, but when she’s going through some things she finds a book belonging to Jay with a photo of her, Summer, Jase and Jay and some sweet words from Jay about her and decides not to report him. Billy discovers Jay has run away and Dawn offers to help him search for him.

Suzy asks Phil to move in with her and smugly tells Archie that they are going to live together, without getting a clear answer from Phil. Suzy is humiliated when Phil says he’s moving out of the Vic, but he wants to be alone with Ben.

Zainab is in a pickle after letting Dot think that the post office is being closed by the powers that be, rather than because she doesn’t want to run it any more. Dot organises a protest meeting and Masood pleads with Zainab to tell the truth but she refuses. Zainab is mortified at the meeting when Masood confesses to the protestors that they are selling up because of their money troubles.

Also, Denise gives Darren a driving lesson.

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