Billy makes his return to the village to see his sons, but Andy and Daz have very different reactions to seeing their father. Andy insists that Billy leave them both alone, while Daz can’t quite bring himself to push his dad away. Billy catches up with Daz on his own and suggests that they meet in secret.

Rodney is now homeless and Val feels sorry for her ex-lover. She talks to Pollard about his situation, but he refuses to help. A downcast Rodney spends all day drinking in the Woolpack and mocks Val when she tries to apologise on David’s behalf. Val convinces David to give Rodney some compensation for the eviction, and infuriates Pollard by inviting Rodney to stay with them!

Kelly is petrified by Billy’s return to the village and she refuses to leave the house. Jimmy does his best to comfort her and he reassures her that he’ll look out for her as best he can. Kelly is determined to do something about Billy and get rid of him for good.