Billy lies to Honey and the party guests that he didn’t steal the charity box and he marches out with an indignant Honey. Billy defiantly tells Honey that he’s changed the locks on the flat and they are staying until after Christmas. But Honey is horrified when she finds the change from the charity box and she marches him over to the pub to apologise. Peggy shames him in front of the whole pub and Billy leaves in disgrace.

Carly plans a girly night out with Dawn and hopes to pull but she’s stunned when she learns that Sean is back in Walford. Dawn and Carly head to the club and Sean is working behind the bar. Dawn bets a dismissive Carly that she won’t resist Sean’s charms and sure enough by the end of the night Sean and Carly are snogging!

Pat is worried that Steven isn’t facing up to the reality with Ian. Ian even goes so far as to threaten to serve an injunction on Steven to keep him away from the family! Later, Steven is upset when he overhears Pat slagging off his mum.

Also, Abi pushes rival Bernadette at the nativity rehearsal; Masood hides his postie tips from a proud Zainab.

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