Billy kills Diane’s excitement

Diane is all of a flutter on the day of Billy’s return from holiday and she tries to conceal her delight at seeing him when he comes into the pub with Val. After enduring Val’s endless boasting about the holiday, Diane gets a moment alone with Billy and he asks for a quiet chat. They agree to bury their feelings for each other as they have too much to lose.

Marlon has had enough of his brother hanging around Tall Trees and he tells Eli that he’s outstayed his welcome. Marlon gets off from work early and plans some romantic time alone with Donna but the mood is ruined when Eli bursts in and makes it clear that he’ll go when he’s good and ready.

Victoria and Kayleigh are excited about going on an outdoor pursuits trip with their school after learning that they will be accompanied by their sexy new teacher Christian. The girls are horrified when Jack finds some crusty old clothes for them to wear and they pack some make-up – just in case!

Also, Viv’s delighted when Cathy and Heathcliff reach the finals of the Beautiful Baby competition.