Billy has spent the night with Jo and the next morning he soon clocks that there’s something going on between Jo and Andy. Billy realises that Jo has used him to try and make Andy jealous and he worries that Jo is playing Andy for a fool. Billy tries to warn Andy from getting involved with Jo, but an incensed Andy refuses to listen to him.

Rodney is still lumbered with a stack of solar panels that he acquired from the persuasive Georgina and he ropes Jamie into helping him shift them on. Rodney’s frustrated to learn that he’s made a loss on the panels, but when Georgina approaches him with another far-fetched money-making scheme he’s tempted, despite being down to his last couple of quid.

Kelly plays innocent over Billy’s accident, but Jimmy is suspicious that she was involved. Jimmy is not the only person who believes that Kelly could have had a hand in tampering with the truck, as Billy is also sure that she had something to do with it.