Lola drops a bombshell on Billy and confesses she’s pregnant. Lola claims it’s a good thing as it means as a single mum they’ll be able to get a flat. Billy is stunned and is determined to find out who the father is. Billy angrily confronts Tyler but Lola tells Billy that Tyler is not the dad. Lola tells Billy that the baby’s father isn’t important as they can raise the baby themselves.

Tanya is angry when Yusef makes her an emergency appointment with the hospital to get back on track with her treatment. Tanya attends the appointment but insists she doesn’t want any more treatment, even when she’s told that unless she has her therapy she could die with in the year.

Meanwhile, Abi is left upset when Jack has a go at her after she babysits Amy and lets Roxy spend time with her. Abi breaks down and confesses she’s worried about her mum and the family is falling apart. Jack and Carol discuss the situation and Carol thinks they should try to find someway of telling Max. Jack reveals he knows where Max is – he’s staying with their brother Derek. Carol is shocked as she thought Derek was still in prison.