Billy meets a face from the past, but things don’t go as planned

Billy tries to make up for his past mistakes, but it’s easier said then done

Billy searches the internet for a guy called Gareth from Stockport. Billy meets up with Gareth and suggests they do the decent thing and tell the police all they remember about the accident. Gareth tells Billy to keep his mouth shut or he’ll personally make sure he pays the price.

Gary implores Faye not to take Phelan’s side as he’s an evil man. When Faye points out that Anna isn’t really her Mum, Gary’s shocked at her attitude.

Kate breaks down and admits to Luke that she doesn’t want to move to Spain but it’s killing her being around Rana.

Johnny and Jenny show Matthew into the factory hoping to seal the deal. However when they discover some squatters living there, Matthew leaves unimpressed.

[Second episode of evening]