Billy takes Julie to a care home where their granddaughter Lola is staying. Julie doesn’t want to see Lola but it’s too late to back out. A fight breaks out between some of the children. Billy intervenes and discovers Lola started it. Lola makes out she’s not interested in them, or the fact her father is dead. Billy and Julie leave, not realising Lola has stolen Billy’s wallet. Lola looks through the wallet and is thoughtful.

Roxy and Christian wake up after a night of drinking. They remember that they stole Arthur’s bench as a prank! Roxy and Christian return the bench and are told off by Zainab, while Syed is furious. Christian is back in Syed’s bad books later when he shows a burst of anger in front of Amy after they they’re taunted by homophobic teens.

Mercy confesses to Grace that she doesn’t want to appeal her Visa, she wants to return to Nigeria, but she doesn’t know how to tell Fatboy. Grace thinks Mercy should tell Fatboy the truth but she wants to leave quietly. It’s Fatboy’s first day at the car lot. Grace tells Dot, who tells Fatboy. A heartbroken Fatboy finds Mercy getting into a cab and begs her to stay but to no avail.

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