Billy needs Phil’s help

Lola and Billy return from the interim care hearing with news that Lexi will stay in temporary custody. Desperate to get Lexi back, Billy turns to Phil and is shocked when he refuses his help. After Jay encourages Billy to fight, he calls Trish and arranges for her to visit with Lexi, delighting Lola. When Phil turns up offering his help after a lecture from Sharon a disgusted Billy says he’ll look after his own family.

Alice sings Ray’s praises for helping her out when she was attacked. Alice leaves Abi’s belated birthday party, encouraged by Tanya, to personally thank Ray. Derek is furious to find out that Alice has left the party, which sets him off. He warns Jack that if he stays with Sharon he’ll end up stabbed in the back like Dennis. There’s a stunned silence and a horrified Dennis Junior runs out…

Syed meets with Danny to ask for a return on his investment after Zainab wants some of her loan back. Danny hasn’t had a return yet, but offers to give Syed a loan, suggesting they meet for a drink. After handing Zainab her cash, Syed hides his guilt as Masood points out how well things are going for the family.

Also, Joey kisses Whitney!